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Logistics and Distribution
Moving your brand to the right places

Our company has grown over the last two years to a respectable network of over 1000 retail points through a strong network of key direct customers, wholesalers and partners. Our SFA approved storage facilities comes with ambient and temperature-controlled sections allow us to store high value products in an environment that is safe from damage caused by exposure to damp or extremes of temperature. We have also established not just B2B capabilities but also B2C last-mile-delivery bring your product closer to customers. 

Our Retail Customers
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Our logistics and distribution services give you the ability to reach 100% of Singapore's FMCG modern trade retail points

Our key logistics and distribution services give you the ability to reach 100% of Singapore's modern trade retail points, including Key accounts like Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Giant, Watsons, Guardians, and all their segmented concept stores, kiosks, supermarkets and hypermarkets.


And through the focused network of partners, we possessed strong coverage of tradition trade retailers, giving your brand and products the expanded retail blueprint into Singapore's FMCG distribution and retail. 

We are able to handle FCL, LCL and private label services

With key strength in logistics and shipping management, enables us to handle FCL, LCL and private label shipments. Depending on your requirements, we are able to customize, process and access stock from your warehouse to our warehouse, and to your customers. 

Storage facilities with ambient and air-conditioned sections

Our storage facilities are SFA approved, equipped with temperature-controlled sections and real-time inventory control, to provide you the options of best protection and prolonging quality of products during storage window. 

We are able to provide last-mile delivery in B2C environment 

We are able to provide B2C door-to-door services, including kitting, labelling and reverse logistics, a complete suite of B2C services to support the growing market in e-Commence segment. 

We handle your B2B and B2C seamlessly

You can trust us to deliver your products to your customers in the best and most efficient manner. We will work closely with you to ensure reliable delivery of goods in the most cost efficient way in B2B and/or B2C. Contact us to know more how we can help you move your goods to the right places. 

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