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Trade Merchandising
Your brand in the right spaces

FMCG Trade merchandising is an integral part of customers' conversion process- At Central Distribution, it is more than a process of managing the stock in a retail store, to ensure that its products are being displayed and sold effectively.

We believe that true value in trade merchandising is based on authentic communication and collaborative effort between retailers, distributors and brand owners. We will highlight the reasons why you should choose from our exceptional trade merchandising services.

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Authentic trade merchandising services

Trade merchandising services are a must in today’s competitive marketplace. Here at Central Distribution, we offer authentic trade merchandising services that can help your business grow.
Our trade merchandising services allow you to create an approachable experience for your customers, which will ultimately lead to more sales and repeat business.


We focus on building strong relationship with our retailers through out the entire product value chain, and focus in you standing out from the competition by strategically placing your products in stores or other locations where there is high traffic or visibility. The goal of our trade merchandising services is not only to display items but also highlight various aspects of the products like USPs.

Key Trade Merchandising functions

We have a team of dedicated merchandising team which covers all retail points, interacting with all key customers on a day to day basis. Key functions we provide includes but not limited to:

  • Up to date store inventory

  • Ensure FIFO sell through of inventory

  • Promote cross sell, purchase with purchase opportunities

  • Proper display of your products in every retail point

  • Implementation of products display planogram

  • Execution of instore marketing activities

Let us do the 'leg-work' for you

Trade merchandising is a vital part of the retail business. It involves ensuring that your products are displayed in the best way possible, that they're always in stock, and that they move off the shelves quickly so that customers don't have time to change their minds about buying them. Our trade merchandising spans beyond brick-and-mortar by working with other services like marketing and digital to ensure that your product line stays relevant and consistent across all channels of commerce. 

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